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If you’re not raising money,

your trailer isn’t working!

                                                                   - Carole Dean, Roy W. Dean Film Grants



First, contact me to introduce yourself and your project. Then send me a link to your current trailer posted online. I will formulate ideas to improve it and arrange a time to discuss them with you on the phone. If you don’t have an assembled cut, send me your project proposal, your pitch, selected video clips, etc. I will look them over and reply with my thoughts about teaser concepts perhaps suggesting what B-roll should be shot first. (Please don’t send any material before talking with me.)





After a free consultation, you may want to explore more options:

Conceptual trailer construction - $120
I take a deeper look at your material and develop well-thought-out ideas and concepts that can make it work better. We have a collaboration session (on the phone or in my edit room) that combines my trailer experience with your knowledge of the material. We bounce ideas back and forth as we shape and reshape your cut from top to bottom.

Trailer re-construction with a template edit - $500
I physically rebuild your trailer to demonstrate how these ideas can work. I will deconstruct it and rearrange some of the elements to enhance its pacing and flow. This often includes re-wording title cards or VO and substituting new music cues. The result is a new, stronger trailer structure that you only need to polish and present.
The process usually involves me creating one or more versions and discussing them with you on the phone. I work directly from your drives if your project’s in Avid. If FCP, send me a Quicktime file of the picture and separated audio tracks. I create a trailer assembly that you can use as a template to conform your FCP sequence.




The trailer consultations above are limited to taking an existing trailer and finding ways to make it better.
It’s a much larger challenge to create a fundraising or theatrical-style trailer from scratch using your original media. I must review the whole range of your material and formulate ideas to find the emotional and conceptual “keys” that can unlock the material and fashion it into a successful trailer — a process that requires a significant amount of time and creative experimentation. After we sign a deal memo, I spend a day or two importing and looking at your material and trying out ideas. After several days of editing, I will show you up to four versions as we collaborate on our way to a polished final cut. All together, this may take two weeks (longer if you test screen the versions).

Costs vary. A deal memo will spell out what work will be done, a timetable for completion and a payment schedule. $3200 is a realistic estimate for a full-service trailer production; it can be less if your material is well prepared. I retain your project & media so editing additional versions of the trailer are convenient and economical.







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