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In 2008, Bill completed the edit of "Bam 6.6," a 54-minute documentary in collaboration with Iranian-American producer, Jahangir Golestan. Now in DVD release, it tells the true story of Tobb and Adele, a young American couple visiting the ancient city of Bam in Iran.


On December 24, 2003, a major earthquake struck trapping them under the debris of their collapsed hotel. What they experienced and the efforts of Adele's parents to help them form the suspenseful, emotional heart of the story.


The film features first-person accounts from Bam survivors and the rescue efforts by the many international agencies that assisted in the aftermath. It makes a powerful statement: that when two diverse cultures are given the opportunity to work together, new awareness can happen and an inspiring sense of world community can develop, a new reality that transcends politics and fear.



“Bam 6.6:
Humanity Has No Borders”

54-minute documentary
released January 2008

“You have managed to capture the magnitude of the disastrous earthquake in the context of a powerful human drama and one that ends in hope for the future of humanity.” 
Mark Amin,
CEO, Sobini Films/
Lions Gate Entertainment

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“Mocking Time”

26-minute documentary
A young American filmmaker returns to Switzerland to visit his family and to interview his cousin, the man who invented the Swatch wristwatch which became a world phenomenon
Roman Wyden -
producer/director 2007


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“Street Fighters:
Caught Up In The Mix”

30-minute pilot for cable TV series
Rev. Leon Kelly comforts victims and inspires optimism while keeping the peace among Denver’s youth gangs.  It includes interviews shot in prisons and video of actual gang fights. 
Dewey-Obenchain Films
Donna Dewey, producer/director 2000


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“Mama D” 

22-minute documentary
With humor and wit, “Mama D” follows the life of an amazing Los Angeles woman who, without pretense or public money, spends weekends feeding the homeless.
New Light Media
Craig Coogan - producer 2002


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